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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

bila aku mahukan dia tanpa henti


beware!! entri ini penuh dengan broken english. haha

here another piece of my excited feelings. truly deeply madly in love wif book. one book finished. i wan de new one. oh bookstore why you are so far way? *seems like song title so far away by a7x. kahkah. but honestly, the nearest bookstore, popular maybe, is at the changloon. do you know where the changloon is? actually not too far but not too near. only about one hour journey. but how can i be there? i have no car, no transport. bus? maybe never kot. hakhak.

okei. i wan this book. 

not sure either it is good book or not. but i want it too. ngee~

someone please. buy me this fantastic book.
no no a promise to myself, i ensure that by the end of this mid sem, i will have this book.

ps :: chicken soup for the soul tetap di hati. =)

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